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Why Finland has the best education system in the world

A segment on the approach to education in Finland taken from “Where To Invade Next” by Michael Moore.

49 thoughts on “Why Finland has the best education system in the world”

  1. Lazy Guy says:

    They have good parents

  2. markjvp says:

    I f ing want to take Finland school

  3. This is another MIchael Moore video that lives up to that old saying, "Well , a half-truth is better than no truth." The reason Finland has the successful school system is because the students are all northern Europeans. American schools are a disaster because commie liberals like that fat ass Moore have gutted the curriculum and then they are allowing the negros to run wild like the subhuman animals they are, in the schools.

  4. hi hi says:

    alright I'm moving to finland

  5. B RC says:

    in india students suicide due to pressure

  6. JTheStar says:

    The guy just stole the idea for america… Just like they did with the native indians when columbus was around!

  7. Well Kenyan system on the other hand😂😂😂

  8. Ray's World says:

    Can I move to Finland please

  9. Bean Boi says:

    I’m going to Finland, want anything back besides your childhood and education?

  10. Luisfer04 says:

    I hope school in America was like finland

  11. khalood2006 says:

    in america they've finished summer course. here in UAE were taking finals

    damn were late

  12. NOONA UNNIE says:

    Here in the Philippines,some teachers are happy when they saw you having a hard time doing your school works:(((

  13. My school has no art or P.E 😭

  14. Wow can the u.s hurry up and reform the education system. It’s so flawed.

  15. Ellen Marie says:

    Here in the Philippines, six-year old kids go to school at 7 in the morning and go home at 5 in the afternoon. How terrible is that

  16. Maicol X777 says:

    That s Finnish NWO corrupted government propaganda!

  17. BeepBop Boop says:

    The richest country in the world. Number 29. Shame.

  18. arpit richi says:

    We are having only regrets

  19. finally a school where teachers teach un-useless stuff

  20. Good vibes says:

    This is my last year in school. But one things for sure my kids are coming here

  21. Josh Watkins says:

    I've always been content with my life until I watched this video

  22. Rare Other says:

    God damn, in Russia for the whole studying years in school, teachers were preparing us for 1 sht exam, this exam really can change our future, it sucks, we just know how to pass exam, that's it, but how to use this information… Plus we don't have enough time even for our interests, but if you really want to try, you can do it only after 5 pm, wait, we have freaking a lot of useless homework, that trying to help us to prepare for the exams.. So, maybe after 8 pm it's fine. For some reason I feel sad, and on the other hand little bit proud, that we learn some stuff in school, which others learn in universities..

  23. Amy B says:

    Australia, take some notes lmao

  24. Amy B says:

    Who wants to move to Finland with me?😂

  25. Dương Lê says:

    honestly i'm vietnam student and i have just graduated for nearby 1 month. Anytime i think about what i remember and put knowledge gained during 12 years into practice is nothing although i always was the top student in my class. i spent the whole time for doing homework, learning by heart all the theories and absolutely forgot the day after. Watching this video make me regret about my childhood and wasted time. Most Asia student couldnt find their hobbies or talent. I feel so sorry for the next generations for what they actually need.

  26. Kai Marcad says:

    8:24 This is what I loved in school. You were allowed to disagree. They encouraged us to be critical to what we were learning, as she said. The teacher actually had to prove us what he/she was teaching. Teacher wasn't an authority who we just had to believe. This method trained me to think scientifically.

  27. ocean says:

    That teacher spoke facts

    “The teachers make the students learn the subject only for the exams”

  28. Vivek Singh says:

    I wish my parents saw this video and moved to Finland way before i was born 😂

  29. Vivek Singh says:

    In case you feel humanity is on the verge of end, turn the whole world to Finland.

  30. To all those Filipinos out there who's watching this vid at the same time looking at the comment section.. Either parent or teen… i suggest you to enroll to APEC Schools LOL! 😂 NO HOMEWORK POLICY but.. ENGLISH ONLY POLICY!!

    Thank you! 😂

  31. No homework and developing your learnimg skills, so good. Here we have to memorise and basically do copy and paste into the test and then hear political biased s*it.
    Here you go 6 assignments have fun reading 3 books and answering questions until 3 am, oh and you only have 1 week per 2 assignments.

    Also you like having 6 exams the same week where you have to memorise dozens of pages

  32. Munn Music says:

    Man actually teaching students and encouraging them to learn. What a fucking concept

  33. Yeah the education system in the USA is trash. You might as well throw your kids to the wolves if you're going to enroll them in public school here.

  34. Me an Indian Engineering student
    Cries in sad voice

  35. Can I be an exchange student to Finland?

  36. kiki -kiki says:

    can i like-

  37. Cosmic says:

    Alright that's it 2 mins in and I'm moving to finland

  38. Wellp, I'm moving to Finland when I have children

  39. Rm Straykids says:

    I spend hours staying up every damn day doing homework & studying from usually 8pm till like 4 or 5 am & yalllll telling me Finland has no homework ㅠ.ㅠ

  40. Haha jokes on u i never did any of my homework anyway

  41. jabberwolf says:

    He forgets to tell you… they use SCHOOL VOUCHERS and choose what schools they go to. Schools compete to keep children !!
    He might also not be talking to the smartest kids but the most stupid. If they don't speak at least 2-3 languages they are stupid. They are surrounded by different countries where (as children) learning different languages is natural and nothing to do with school.
    Also there are standardized tests… if not.. there is no STANDARD to measure against to say students are doing better!

    IF the measure is graduating, then yes , an idiot can graduate and draw with crayons and graduate happily in Finland. He will be the happiest trashman who did "well" in school – according to this retarded video.

  42. No wonder I’m so depressed in life and at school, everyone is depressed in the USA

  43. Diego says:

    No questions on whether this is good or not. My question is how's this paying off? I mean, where is the next humanity's breakthrough? Where are their scientists? Their astronauts? Their Nobel prize winners? I'm looking forward to seeing that coming from Finland but so far all new tech and else I've seen is mostly American or Chinese…. Something isn't matching…

  44. JRXY • says:

    I’ve been homeschooled for 5 years and my parents want me to go back 😭 I wish I could go to Finland

  45. Well if I ever become a parent I'm moving to finland, hopefully before the kid is born too

  46. E Vlogs says:


  47. E Vlogs says:

    I’m going to save my child’s childhood, instead of regretting my childhood school years.

  48. Julia Moody says:

    I- I feel robbed. America can we like change? I want to actually learn not cram things in my brain the rest of my childhood and be incredibly stressed. IM DONE. I WANNA CRY. 20 hours? That’s like 2 fing days for me. No hall pass? I get 2 pages for the entire year. MY SCHOOL YEAR OF 180 DAYS FOR 8 HOURS A DAY WITH NO BREAKS! WTF I WANNA BE HAPPY TOO. I WANNA PLAY, I WANNA GROW.

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