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Why I’m not in YouTube Rewind 2017

I discuss the latest youtube rewind 2017 and why I love it

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44 thoughts on “Why I’m not in YouTube Rewind 2017”

  1. Love pewdiepie lives Romania

  2. RuinedShot _ says:

    Anyone expecting T-Series in 2k18 YouTube rewind lol

  3. JSOC 2 says:

    Wait so The Paul Brothers are in 2017 rewind bUt pEwDiEiE iS nOt?????!!!!!

  4. You missed the animators at the end.

  5. yoututbe rewind 2018: pewdiepie vs t series boxing

  6. Hot Cat says:

    love from bangldesh

  7. Crazy Town says:

    See when YouTuber react they usually over react but Felix is just like “ok….”
    I love it

  8. "they told me to do weird stuff to it so I screamed at it" 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Lana Mha says:

    Awhh poor pewds wanted to be in it 😢😢

  10. If they don't invite pewds for 2018 idk about other 9 years old but i m gonna report their video for infringing my rights… i don't care what….

  11. Felix you’ve got to be in YouTube rewind 2018 .

  12. Отзовитесь руськие

  13. TheBroNose says:

    This will be youtube rewind 2018

    Logan Paul vs KSI
    Pewdiepie vs T-gay

  14. Please be on YouTube rewind 2018

  15. Jacob Umali says:

    This video was just the King looking down at all his minions.

  16. 3:58, i just realized the send this to your bestfriend/crush is in the background

  17. Ellie Malia says:

    Pewds better be in the 2018 rewind wearing a crown since he’s the king of YouTube

  18. Natasha R says:

    to this day, know about 1% of all those guys, LOL I'm out with the children

  19. I hate how youtubers have to constantly worry about not getting paid because of copy rights

  20. Leo Adams says:

    I feel so bad for Pews when he was reacting to 2017 he looked upset that he didn’t get an invite to s party that he made

  21. Vedant Gupta says:

    THE CANCER!! 😀 lol

  22. Raspbherries says:

    youre too good to be in it

  23. Asad Khan says:

    No PewDiePie
    No Marzia
    No JackSepticEye
    Wow !!! YouTube had one job !!!

  24. Mad Maga says:

    Rewind 2018: pewds vs tseties
    Who will win?
    Like for pewds

  25. It's dumb you aren't invited and a big part of it you are the King of YouTube

  26. I said to 10 friends to suscribe to u

  27. Wifi :D says:

    Will t series be on rewind

  28. Wifi :D says:

    It's almost december

  29. Thundernex says:

    hey guys can this comment get 500 likes!!!!!

  30. Ayush Yadav says:

    Pauls are cancer😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Skyler Plays says:

    I bet that in you tube rewind 2018 there will be a part of PewDiePie vs T-Series

  32. I like how when he says hes not in it he doesn't mind and understands, and even is happy when he sees his other creator friends or whatever in it, but when ricegum isnt in it he goes on a selfish rant and is so angry

  33. Well 2015 was a weird year poods

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