Watchs SALE All about watches Will Packers make playoffs after loss vs Seahawks? | First Take

Will Packers make playoffs after loss vs Seahawks? | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Louis Riddick debate whether the Green Bay Packers season is finished after their loss to the Seattle Seahawks dropped them to 4-5-1 with Max saying he can’t count out Aaron Rodgers.

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49 thoughts on “Will Packers make playoffs after loss vs Seahawks? | First Take”

  1. jamie jones says:

    If the Packers miss the playoffs, McCarthy gets the boot….

  2. i'm a packers fan and even i know that rodgers had a shot with 5 minutes left and went 3 and out soooo he did have a chance

  3. Is max kellerman retarded?

  4. amir says:

    Mike McCarthy's play calling needs to go away. Either bring in a coordinator or let Aaron call the plays he wants to.

  5. Aaron Rodgers must’ve fucked y’all bitches cuz y’all stay pressed bout this man , get off his dick and respect his greatness…..pour up 🥂

  6. Max Kellerman is starting to sound like Stephen lmao

  7. I know Rodgers is partly to blame for the losses, along with the rest of the offense, but the defense also has to play all 4 quarters and not give up, I don't care what point in the ball game or how tired you are, other great defenses never gave up at the end. Also I find it funny how packer fans always look for excuses and a scapegoat instead of realizing our whole team sucks. First it was Bostick, then Dom capers, then ty Montgomery, then Mike Mccarthy, and now Aaron Rodgers, but whats funny is that the ride the nuts off of Mason Crosby like hes the greatest kicker ever, he basically cost us 3 wins, the lions couldve tied and maybe we make a comeback, he missed a game winner against the vikings and we tied, and now this one couldve been a tie, but he gets no blame, not saying its all his fault, but why do they only focus some people. Then they blame the refs are against us, yes there were bullshit calls, but that goes both ways. I'm sure when we have home games the refs call in our favor most of the time as well, then another great excuse they like to say is injuries, like we're the only team that has injured starters lol. It's sad that my team is losing, but the fans can't face the fact that we suck and were overrated for the past 7 years, we always choke in the playoffs and they make every excuse possible. I love the packers to death, but I honestly hate the fan base, then those blind fans will call me a fake bandwagon fan for telling the truth and don't believe in our team.

  8. Lennox G says:

    Rodgers is the most overrated qb of all time

  9. GlazeAK says:

    So many Viking / Bear / Lions fans in this comment section 😂😂 Either that or alot of Brady Dickriders.

  10. JJBanks1975 says:

    Rodgers has talent all around him. Their defense is good. Rodgers is overrated.

  11. Cameron says:

    Getting sick of stephens childish lack of stillness when max is speaking. When stephen speaks people are supposed to drop their shit but anytime max does hes sipping his coffee sarcastically or writing something down expressing unattentiveness. Its funny at first but now its literally getting disrespectful

  12. The goat ? Smh Ggoh Aaron Rodgers isn’t even that special . Stop making excuses for him now

  13. Alex Roman says:

    Man Rodgers needs to leave the packers very badly go back to the playoff contending team.

  14. Sam The Man says:

    Aaron Rodgers isn't a top 20 qb of all time

  15. JUSTAZ28 says:

    4th n 2 on your own 33 with 3 mins to go.. down by 3 bill b would punt too stop the excuses.. all a rod had to do was get them in fg range he just ant clutch

  16. Jay Child says:

    Why is Stephen A always in that fucking lap top when Max is talking????

  17. He did get the ball back. He had 5 min, and went 3 and out. Seahawks ran the clock out with 4 min left…he coulda milked the clock but he choked

  18. Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. No doubt. He needs more. I have been a pissed off packer fan for too much. We need more defensive players. This bs. “Oh we have Rodgers we’re fine.” I’m sick of hearing that. You need more than just a new head coach. I agree with it but the team needs a defensive line. Badly. We made the playoffs 9 straight years and only won 1 Super Bowl. And only made 1 super bowl. This has been frustrating to say the least!!!!

  19. max don't know shit dude said I almost looked really smart because I picked the packers to beat the rams and seahawks but lost both closely wtf the nfl has close games every week most games are within 1 score. shit I can predict games and get half of them right

  20. Gee I hope not. That way I don't have to hear about that Bum being the greatest of all time .

  21. Tjr4448 says:

    He alienates his teammates, stop making excuses for this fuck head he’s not as great as you think he is, Brady is the true MJ of QB’s not this California asshole…….

  22. They should have gone for it and given the ball to Aaron Jones
    I mean the only yards they had gained that drive was by running it and he had just got 8 yards

  23. bshlik00 says:

    Yeah the Packers have not lost 3 straight btw. They beat Miami 31-12 last week.

  24. Z L says:

    Max is an idiot

  25. Same thing they do for Lebron. Making excuses and using hypotheticals to protect Aaron Rodgers. Blame this guy, blame that guy, blame the coach, blame the GM, his knee is still hurt, blah blah blah. The NFL is a results oriented business and Aaron Rodgers has not produced the results since 2011. If you get the lion share of the credit when you win, then why shouldn’t you get most of blame when it goes south?

  26. they will make it just believe

  27. Why would it matter? Their not good.

  28. Im not a Packers fan but why does Aaron Rodgers get so much hate appreciate greatness

  29. glazed 2xs says:

    Bears are garbage packers gone expose em again keep that same energy

  30. Patrick King says:

    Something is simply not right in Green Bay between coach and player. MN should not fear a desperate Rodgers but rather respect how great he can be. It will take a complete and strategic game to beat the Packers. With 43% of the season remaining, MN and Chicago playing head to head twice, don’t be so quick to crown Chicago as the champions. I think MN will win this division.

  31. Life has no guarantee So Max is ful of it.

  32. Jeeez Man crush right there. AR lost wk one if fuller caught the easy INT. He is not the same his colar bone has like 8 screws.


  34. Toni Toni says:

    lmao why can’t y’all see that Rodgers has not had any help from his front office or coaching staff, I mean he’s not perfect but it’s true, he has not been put in position to win, his back is broke from carrying them

  35. TopShot501st says:

    Max is having trouble breathing with Rodgers dick so far down his throat…

  36. Chacho Guz says:

    nobody scared of the Packers now

  37. OxygenThief says:

    Max's Kobe and Duncan comparison to Rodgers and Brady doesn't work because Rodgers hasn't won nearly as much as Brady

  38. Chacho Guz says:

    It's over with Rogers is with this Prime with the bum-ass Packers it's the Bears division now

  39. Chacho Guz says:

    Paul Rodgers on the Shelf it's over with Khalil Mack and the Bears defense are taking the division

  40. Bigfrosty93 says:

    I'm Packers In my eyes Aaron Rodgers doesn't care anymore what I mean by this, look at his whole career when he became starter in 2008 when Brett Favre left he had Championship Offense till 2016 early 2017 season went down with 2 broken right collarbone in game against Chicago Bears 2013  and 2017 Vikings week 6 and we all know the story form there! Here's my opining I keep hearing Aaron Rodgers is over rated S.O.B that misses wide open running backs in flat none stop and TE WR doing drag routes in cross middle of field about 7 15 20 yards with no DB MLB on dude. I seen lot games of Aaron Rodgers most of those S.O B. overrated haters or fans comments have point on this, but have time Aaron Rodgers is force out of pocket by him making that choice or o line cant pass block at all. If you really look at his whole career Rodgers doesn't like putting football at risk for his guys to get injured he throw ball away live another day or take sack. Rodgers has best numbers as all quarterback NFL expect wining the big game to really good football teams tds int stat not records breaking stats Brees Manning Brady Favre yet.  Hell football is most Dangerous sport to play in now a days you got guys ending their careers in 4 to 10 years take money and run live happy life and mostly of that in my opining is new tackle rules u cant hit guy full force or u will get flags. Next thing I hear is Rodgers is Peyton Manning overrated stat quarterback of NFL with 1 super bowl show it. Peyton manning went to 4 super bowl's 2 different teams 2 bad defense as colt. 2 won 1 with colts in 2006 against Chicago Bears Rain game in Miami. second super bowl 2009 colt lost to saints by pick 6. 2 more super bowl as Broncos 2013 best offense in NFL history lost to Seahawks, won  2015 Broncos best Defense.  back to my point of my opining saying Aaron Rodgers doesn't care anymore its very simply he going to be 35 years old right and packers are rebuild mode. honestly I see what Rodgers see their is no talent on this team cross board expect 17 52 76 33 23!  and why should I really put up MVP elite numbers that I know I can do but clearly simple I don't have talent around me and coaching staff packers office to dont support me hell I got my contract I got paid I'm going to ride ship out till my contract is up then sail off to sun set. come back play for team that has packers on it and going to kick their ass!

  41. 16bitFishing says:

    Somebody said on twitter to watch out for GB, if they win out they will be in the playoffs. Lol win out, they couldn’t even beat the Seahawks who are old and shwag.

  42. RiChard Ma says:

    Packers will be fine, 4-5-1 isn't bad compared to some of these other teams. You can't be 13-3 ,12-4,15-1 every year. With A-rod u just got to get a wildcard spot and you'll have a chance.

  43. Cff Ddd says:

    I mean it's true if the defense gave him the ball back at the end he wins that game . vs the rams if that dummy didn't fumble the Packers win that gane as well

  44. Didn't realize max likes to take 12 "

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