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Wood Stock Repair

Winchester 1897 shotgun stock repair and refinish

Brand new channel!!

28 thoughts on “Wood Stock Repair”

  1. jujitsuman68 says:

    Excellent job, subbed.

  2. Lloyd Sims says:

    I built a .50 muzzle loader and finished the stock with eight coats of hand rubbed boiled linseed oil. I was told (and did) to rub the oil hard and fast to generate heat to cure the finish, 12 hours between coats. That was over 30 years ago, and no dents or scratches.

  3. M20L35 says:

    Why not use a belt sander to remove all the excess of that walnut block instead of filing way forever on it?  Though I must commend you on your endlessly-tedious sanding technique!

  4. AlaskaJohn says:

    Wow, So impressed New Subscriber! I just did my Grandfather's Model 12, I was very surprised how nice it came out. I did what you described,
    and the shotgun looks naturally dated to that time-frame, so rewarding as a weekend hobby. I will be doing more as my confidence increases.
    What kind of 2-part glue is in your video? I also have a very old rifle, with much detailed checking on the stock and fore-grip, how would a gun get into those very very small detailed checkering to prepare for refinishing. Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Great work!

  5. bgurtek says:

    What kind of epoxy did you use?

  6. bgurtek says:

    That trick with placing tape on the C-clamps is great! I wish I knew that 20 years ago.

  7. You Sir, are a MASTER SMITH…
    Not an amateur…
    Chuck in Michigan

  8. ehud59 says:

    Great jobb! Restore old guns its preserve the

  9. I've never used Velvit oil or the "mud rub" technique. Looks like I'll have to try it!!.

  10. Pynckone says:

    Not only did I learn a lot, your video production was outstanding!! Professional level video, sound quality, and lighting!! You mentioned …”using an iron..” to repair some small nicks and depressed areas. Could you explain and can the technique be used on stocks with a gloss finish? Thanks. I’m subscribing!

  11. Steve WW1 says:

    well done sir . its a die ing art

  12. Josh Rick says:

    LMAO, the guy who's speaking is about 16 years old and the guy doing the work is 50+ LMAO!

  13. Scott Hall says:

    Wow how you know all this

  14. Tor Mauseth says:

    What type of oil are used?

  15. vilsiran says:

    The word you are looking for is slurry not mud. Get rid of the epoxy it won’t expand and contract with the wood. Your heart is in the right place just do a little studying and you will be fine.

  16. Very enjoyable watching a craftsman do his magic to restore a wooden stock.

  17. Jerry York says:

    I'm impressed, really nice work.

  18. nuru zaman says:

    Very good job. Thanks

  19. Donald Wood says:

    Watching this finally gave me the push to fix my grandma's old 410 that I inherited. Also noticed you watching VetRanch 👍

  20. Looks like you don't believe in decreasing the wood before you apply the glue.

  21. John says:

    Liked & subscribed. Amazing job, thanks for sharing!

  22. Nice video! I subbed you, would you sub back?

  23. Dude nice job! colour me impressed.
    ps I like the look of the light coloured dowels, just my personal preference

  24. Ok now quit playing with your fore skin i mean end

  25. I'd like to have me some of those French fried tators. Do u work for MR Bill Coxs

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