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World of Tanks Сamouflage & Repair. Perks & Modules.

В этом видео показывается влияние перков и дополнительных модулей на скорость ремонта и дальность обнаружения танка (маскировку).

32 thoughts on “World of Tanks Сamouflage & Repair. Perks & Modules.”

  1. koko lolo says:

    ерунда какая то , идос ни чем

  2. Oudestai says:

    Thanks! That was easy and to the point, exactly what i needed <3 :*

  3. здесь есть цифры по камуфляжу – с сеткой и без

  4. У одного члена экипажа было бы не так наглядно.

  5. Тупой вопрос, но всё же.. В этом видео навыки ремонта и маскировки вкачаны у всего экипажа, или у одного члена?

  6. Смотрите на то, как быстро чинится гусеница. Справа налево.

  7. gabagris says:

    nu pro camouflage vse ok.. no pro remont nevidel raznicu… wtf…

  8. Greiji says:

    хороший видос, для наглядности здорово! Цифры говорят о многом =)

  9. Greiji says:

    Yotsuba Koroshi no Kaigi Shitsu – Death Note OST

  10. azertu2u2 says:

    moving removes camo net bonus….

  11. Mäander says:

    This vid is fantastic, but the girl makes it perfect.

  12. Sicklehead88 says:

    the part with the cammo net at first looks like they pop up at the same time, no matter what equipment you use and how well you crew is trained. but take a look at the rages at which the tanks pop up…

  13. Один из OST'ов Death Note.

  14. А что за трек играет вначале?)

  15. Откуда именно у вас это вышло?

  16. MSJDesign says:

    Excellent execution of video and explanation. Thanks for taking the time in making this, it really helped me. Cheers!

  17. DragonsREpic says:

    You didnt know that?!

  18. dgeswin says:

    хорошое видео . делай еще +1

  19. Yep 🙂 It's so funny.

  20. mkelebay says:

    Wait so even standing in the open camouflage helps??!?

  21. S3thc0n says:

    Yes, with a low inherent camouflage the camo net is a bad idea, because it multiplicates the camo value instead of adding to it.

  22. Unfortunately, no. This video does not contain any important information that people can't understand if they playing WoT. Game icons are the same in every client localization 🙂

  23. Tat1101 says:

    could you make english version? -TATemporaryAaron1101 from WoT

  24. Not always. For example, on Hummel camo net can help you. But if You use it on SU-14, it's not so good as on Hummel. Visibility factor is very important. So, do not use camo net on T-54 🙂

  25. wwwNooBcom says:

    So there is just about no point in the camo net then?

  26. This is Russian language 🙂

  27. Tat1101 says:

    what language is this?!

  28. Camo pek does not affect bullet tracers. If your enemy watching your direction, then he can see your tracers.

  29. Sodori says:

    I hate it to be in Russia please forgive me but you shall have your like since I don't need to understand Russian t understand.

    A question though, since you've seen t done your math, does cammo perk affect bullet tracers?

  30. Aoru says:

    thats nothing compared to tier 10 games. The most ridiculous with big guns like e75 and t110 is it can even bounce off a stupid light tank like t50. Thats just proposterous

  31. As you are probably aware, the 8.0 patch does address some of the more pressing matters… like improved graphics and pushing tanks around.
    The 0 damage crit is, I believe, the oldest complain existing in WOT. My personal record is 5 consecutive shots for a total of 0 damage against a KV3, using a fully upgraded M18.

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