Watchs SALE All about watches You Gotta Watch This Before 26th Feb 2019 ! The Biggest Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

You Gotta Watch This Before 26th Feb 2019 ! The Biggest Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

You Gotta Watch This Before 26th Feb 2019 ! The Biggest Secret They Don’t Want You To Know
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43 thoughts on “You Gotta Watch This Before 26th Feb 2019 ! The Biggest Secret They Don’t Want You To Know”

  1. This post was published 1/26/19. But this man is speaking during the Obama years. He mentions the severe poverty all over our country. Lack of jobs, lack of income. President Trump is not mentioned at all, and he (Pres. Trump) is fully against the "New World Order". The United States is no longer a part of TPP. The United States of America is in 'much' better shape than when Obama and past presidents were in office. We supply more of our own oil which is a huge part of our country's income as other countries are now buying from us. We're not paying "them" tariffs on the products they bought from us, they're paying 'us'. They were sucking us dry unfairly. SO much has changed since this video. This Green Economy he mentions is what AOC keeps talking about (she must have read this man's book [that he's trying to push in this video] and calls herself educated on this unrealistic idea ) (Just like how Hillary read Saul Alinsky's book and learned from his insane ideology,,, thank God she is not our President!) This guy has some correct information, but he's a major conspiracy theorist. I would be cautious in his words people. Don't take him seriously.
    P.S. I do agree there are many un-answered questions about the attack on 9/11/01. There were sounds of explosives that were questionable, and towers like that don't just implode and"collapse" straight down the way they did by being hit by airliners.

  2. Tanya Kotze says:

    I don't think Brixet is going to happen but it can happen. England can leave the EU, but the Euro is and will exist till the end it is the start of the New World Order. These people of what you call them will not let it happen.

  3. bildeberg is the power, its been since forever!!

  4. You don't have to be stupid to understand that the US was behind 911 I told my partner the same morning That the United States is behind this and it would be a springboard to the oil, everyone thought Iraq was behind this. But as so, more and more people have started to think for themselves and see that 1 + 1 = 2. But reigns lie to us full of shit. And more it gets. The most important thing is that you believe in Jesus when it starts to heat up. Receive Jesus before it's late. The antichrist will show great signs of a false world peace. Then he will show you the right thing. If you die then you die the main thing is where to spend your eternity. I want to be with GOD, Jesus and Holy Spirit Amen

  5. No darling I wouldn't run but I wouldn't be involved in war either because I know what it was about and why and it wasn't about us

  6. brad rook says:

    People…You can not debate your Religions to the point that you feel satisfied..Like….You Won,,,Why? Because all Religions are based on a Belief system you were programmed into believing. Your belief is supported on Faith….NOT FACT…And to everyone telling there "opponent" they are wrong then go on to quote scripture from a book the other doesn't even recognize as truth is ludicrous….Lol…Lighten up ….the one thing all these texts and teachings have in common is this…we were created as God…Thru your Christ Like Conscience you too can create miracles…We are Gods…This Satan, (or Cabal, Illuminati, ect. ect.) fears…That we find this out as a whole…It starts with Love, Unity….There is no end of the world…theres an end to this corrupt age tho…Bless you guys


  8. Elle says:

    please Lord give us the strength to stand tall when faced with danger bless all in pain or sorrow blessings to you all from England xx

  9. Are you sure you know what you fought for do you really know true history and what war is truly about oh and by the way do you have black eyes or slitted pupils just curious

  10. No false assumptions Little Johnny I clearly Know Who You Are a negative programmed creation

  11. The cowards are the one with the guns in their hands no I'm not afraid of death at all I'm not a coward you're the traitor you go against the true creator in this world you live in if you are not a clone that is was created over 300 years ago by murder and death and enslavement a world that already exist in harmony a clean natural world with clean resources full of beauty and Natural Energy know your history or go unplug yourself

  12. John Nomad says:

    I have enough bullets to sell do you?

  13. Was this just a way of getting 1.2 million views

  14. I'm watching it! I'm watching it! Now what?

  15. Note how the books on the shelves get reversed,change and the writing is back to front.What is that about

  16. Well we heading into march..

  17. twice blest says:

    This man has one perspective, but the picture and the cabal are much larger. But, now in 2019, tens of millions are awake and we won’t go to sleep again!

  18. grimble says:

    How come life is so boring when all this "exciting" stuff is going on. I hate this life, I hate humans, it's all so dull and lifeless. You have to watch action movies and listen to conspiaracy theories to make things come alive.

  19. The Jesuit order control the bilderberg group, council of foreign relations, trilateral commission, CIA and the New World Order which is Vatican controlled. Also the Rothschild family are guardians of the Vatican treasury.

  20. Laz X says:

    No such thing as Aliens. They are demons, following Satan who was cast down to earth from Heaven. All throughout scripture both Canon and Apocrypha, Satan and his rebellious angels taught man forbidden technology. The same continues today. In the past Demons, disguised themselves as sky people, and were worshiped as beings with super nature powers. When the earth experienced the incarnation of Christ, these demons could not take on human flesh like in the past. So, they kept to their original bodies. The bodies YHWH created for them. Grey, Green, tall, shadow people, reptilians, etc. They do not come from distance planets in space. The earth is an enclosed system, there are no other worlds. So how then can these demons pass on forbidden tech? Build future machines, and deliberately crash them in Roswell, so man can obtain the knowledge. Satan's plan is simple. Set himself up as God, and destroy the works of the true creator, earth and man. It is true the NWO is real and the goal, but the Builderberg group are the bloodline of Satan, (research the seed of Cane). The Builderbergs are influenced by Satan, and his plan to rise to power in the end days, as not only The Dictator this man is talking about, but setting himself up to be God on earth. All of what is discussed here are parts of a bigger picture, and the end goal of Satan using man to do his bidding. Everything happening today, is found in the predictions or prophecies of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelations the beginning and end, including the reasons of the plans for God, Man and Earth are written, accurate, true, and is exactly happening and unfolding today.

  21. All problem created by vatican they funded the isis to star the war in the middle east. And elsewhere

  22. who is puppeting, i mean scripting this guy? a robot? he shows no emotion in what he is saying!?!?!?

  23. Whether this man knows it or not, he is discussing demonic activity and spiritual warfare. We are so near the end. Hallelujah…

  24. Mike Pope says:

    Islam is an ideology & is not a religion of Peace

  25. Aleks648 says:

    Shame on you for not crediting the sources of your video. You haven’t even mentioned Paul Hellyer in your description.

  26. What's with feb 26?? (I'm (thankfully) not an American).

  27. The book on his left changed position (ufo)

  28. Glad I read the comments first! Saved me from watching yet another video about brainwashed religious fanatics!
    Just can't understand how people, some even claiming to be rational, could fall for the biggest scam in the history of the entire world!
    Religion is the ultimate form of people control!

  29. man yellow says:

    Self responsibility. Don’t let allow the strong take over your rights. Don’t run into religion for help. We have to work for a better world. People in the heaven realm don’t have the human body like us.

  30. Goy Boy says:

    The solution to 1984 is 1933. The National Socialists are demonized for a reason, to keep us ignorant to the solution to the problems facing our world today. Wake up Americans, the French have the right idea

  31. Scott Baker says:

    old information that has been discussed for years

  32. Bea Kacalek says:

    Allah is not the center of Abraham's faith. Yahweh is. He himself has been misled on that account.

  33. S. Kertanguy says:

    And then the same people invented Tyler , their servile Q . Ite essa est.

  34. Gael Marconi says:

    I tried watching this video and honestly it’s nothing but a bunch of blah blah blah. I will take an educated guess that nothing will really happen on February 26 of this year 2019. Sure the FBI want trump to go, that’s a given. Yes the rich will get richer. We already know that. My guess is that this man is looking for attention and trying to sell something. But I think on 2/26/19 and after our lives will just go on as normal.

  35. Gael Marconi says:

    Has anyone noticed that the book titled UFO’s is first on the right side of bookshelf backwards, then it switches to the left side bookshelf?? Why is that??

  36. Black nobility run everything wrote maritime law gave life to corporations cause all the wars and all the poverty. The obvious answer is to print your own debt free money, they then lose the money magic trick, next make all corporations mortal and expire pay death duty, lose maritime law on land. Anyone brave enough?

  37. Ha d says:

    There are no aliens. Only Angel's, fallen angels and demons. They are deceiving you if you believe soo. The deception thats is written in the bible is soon to take place. Dont fall for anything the government has planned. Jesus is the only way and the truth. Many will come in his name and claim to be christ, dont fall for the antichrist.

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