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Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Secret Mechanic – Time Travel?

Could Link be able to travel back in time in Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

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Breath of the Wild, the new Zelda game coming March 2017 to the Nintendo NX and Wii U, has many mysteries and details that are currently unknown. Join HMK and myself as we discuss a mechanic that would allow Link to answer the mysteries firsthand: Time Travel.

49 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Secret Mechanic – Time Travel?”

  1. Tragic the game didnt take this route, would have been far more interesting. Great game but it seriously lacked momentum, everything great about it was upfront, after that it slowly fizzled to just an okay experience dotted with a surprise here and there. An alive world would have been a much better direction.

  2. sorry, didn't happened.

  3. Odin angie says:

    I'm sorry watching this in 2019 is hilarious

  4. Thomas Scott says:

    I am from the future from this video being uploaded this is so hilariously wrong

  5. Almost 2 years after Breath of the Wild's release this gets even more hilarious haha 😂😂 Still.. Awesome video!! 😎👍

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Guido Jacobs says:

    I would love a penultimate Zelda game that allows full time travel, manipulation of past games that affect later titles, and a clear, concise timetable between the games and how the butterfly effect shows between them.

  8. Who is the voice? Oh I don't know, it is not like there is a character who would have a feminine voice in the freaking game's title, hell the franchise alone. I know this came out a while ago and it is 2018 but it is hilarious.

  9. Adom Ali says:

    >Go to Akkala lab
    >Go wander around it
    >Find a chunk of guardians huddled up and in waste
    >How did that happen?

  10. Can the other guy slow down and enunciate?

  11. Proxy says:

    watching older videos before the game came out is fun. seeing all these strange theories and stuff

  12. i really wish they'd done imAGINE PLAYING AS A LITTLE BABY LINK SKKSGKS

  13. The amount of dislikes on this video was 200, i had to make it 201. IM EVIL!

  14. Omg, I WISH this was a thing

  15. James Lowry says:

    I hope someday that hardware would be powerful enough to make this happen

  16. 1 when calamity Gannon appeared the guardians attacked everyone so that’s why the guardian is attacking

  17. Ohhhh i was so confused watching this after it came out because there are four main towns plus stables.

  18. when Nintendo switch was called nx

  19. when Nintendo switch was called nx

  20. Exotic Gamer says:

    Isn’t it obvious where towns went? Guardians took them 🤨

  21. I hate that Link forgot Mipha ;(

  22. heyogie says:


  23. Patch Ooo says:

    Zelda killed Link in a memorie you get from Impa and Zelda is the mysterious voice in the shrine of res

  24. Poor hyrul was destroyed by evil ganon

  25. Premyy.M says:

    Also progress compared with in-development preview are interesting

  26. Premyy.M says:

    Looking back at the hype and build up that I missed is really interesting now that Zelda BOTW is game of the year, but the simple truth is that the answers all lie in the other 98/99% of the game lol

  27. Mr C P says:

    So old news there’s no time travel

  28. Andrew Timms says:

    Didn’t realize how old this video was till he referred to the NX 😅

  29. TobyWolf101 says:

    The mysterious voice is Zelda lololololol

  30. S.T.U.M.P says:

    Anybody else watching this after people have played they game and is watching this like: nooooooooope

  31. 0dDbalL 1138 says:

    Wow… watching this 1 year AFTER the game was released was, ummm, entertaining… this only got 1 prediction correct…

  32. There are so many towns in botw he can not time travel before you do this theory play and beat the game

  33. Look, if you played the game 100 years ago link was badly injured in a fight with ganon.

  34. _Phantom _ says:

    I wish this was the story of botw :,(

  35. xblade98837 says:

    If you play it and get all the memory's it tells you the hole story

  36. FullBitGamer says:

    Enjoyed coming back to this video just to say…. No.

  37. Munchkin Man says:

    He can’t time travel!

  38. JoseCarlos25 says:

    Ohhh you were so wrong.

  39. Watching this after I got the game, way past the release, and I would say this theory isn’t too far off tbh. Well you can’t travel between time, BUUUTTT you do get memories in certain places in the game, which show events that happened 100 years ago. Also, the trailer before demo doesn’t make sense, since the guardians only became evil AFTER Ganon appeared.

  40. Good vid but waaaaaaay off

  41. Doge dude says:

    Sounds feasible and everything like it’s true but how the heck do you time travel in the game!!

  42. whats this magical "NX" you speak of

  43. Dane says:

    So there is a farm town but no-one knows

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